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What Is FacemaskDC?

FacemaskDC.com was created as an easy way to connect people that need masks to small businesses providing them, including individuals looking to donate/sell masks. This initiative was created from scratch, and is fueled from our passion to make quality cloth face masks available to EVERYONE. As I pivoted my own brand @renderedinc to making face masks, I noticed two things; There's no accessible way to market your handmade facemask product to the masses, and the demand greatly exceeds the supply.

This directory was made for people to be able to see who is in their ward through an in site map, and to be able to contact individual mask makers for all of their mask needs. These masks are NOT “one size fits all,” there are options to ensure unique, quality, and comfortable face masks for each individual, which is vital during these uncertain times!

This directory is composed of 3 major pillars. Each pillar focuses on key values that FacemaskDC offers, these are essential in how we do business with you!

1) The Mask Maker Directory

This serves as an easy way to support local mask makers in your community! Use this directory to order quality and comfortable masks for yourself and your family.

2) Mask Maker Supply Requests

Mask makers can also submit requests for basic supplies they're running low on (fabric, binding strips, elastic, ETC) and through donations that we receive, the FacemaskDC team will find and ship those items to mask-makers doorsteps, at no cost to them.

3) Bulk Mask Order Requests

Larger organizations/non-profits looking for donations can request bulk orders of masks for purchase or donation. This is a great opportunity for businesses like restaurants or salons to request to purchase bulk orders of customized masks for their staff

Saba Tshibaka is a Senior Economics major, with a double minor in General Business & Technology Entrepreneurship at The University of Maryland, College Park. She established her business Rendered at the age of 19 out of her love for thrifting, and pivoted to making face masks when she saw the need in her community.

Last month, she was laid off from her job as a server in downtown DC due to the pandemic and started working on a facemask directory project, which is now known as facemaskdc.com

Saba created this project with no financial assistance and as a furloughed server, is now taking donations to assist her in paying for her last semester of school at University of Maryland. 30% of all donations to the project will go towards providing free resources (fabric, elastic, binding tape) to mask makers on the directory!


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Questions about sponsorship for the project? Contact us at Hello@facemaskdc.com